The Unnamed Kingdom* consists of the Eastern Isle* and the Western Peninsular*

King ???* rules from the capitol in the Eastern Isle*

Administrative Regions:

Alfax (Hardy Folk heavy native influence)

Ceat (Main trading river)

Eridge (frontier to the Assan)

Ferbach ( lowland devestated by tidalwave)

Jhun (ethnic natives of western penninsular, autonimous region)

  • Kalwood (inland areas subject to heavy deforestation)

Lochton (capitol of Taskal but semi independant)

Loughborough (midlands)

Olovea (trade hub, rennecance frenchy culture with indentures servitude & bank notes)

Orwalborough (sections of west Ceat combined with frontier rights given as a wedding gift)

  • Rillon (capital city, beautiful)

Stald (disticnt dialect, insular due to terrain)

Taskal (ore, stone etc, lots of miners, industrializing)

Toren (quaint old fashoned)

Welmarch (marsh swamp, old trading route with dwarves, conflict with Ceat over land)