Tavern located in Loughborough, Next to the brick walled warehouse at the centre of the small circle of houses that make up the merchant square.

The Tavern is a single storey timber framed building, with several shuttered windows. It is exceptionally filthy and dimly lit by a hearth and a few candles. Accommodation consists of a single large room with wooden cots.

Inkeeper: Overweight female named (Dicca). (Retired assassin & keeps a small arsenal of small kukris, daggers and poisons in the basement of the back room)

Menu: (all mugs are damp and emit an unpleasant smell if held to the mouth for too long)

Mug of Bitter 2cp

Mug of Mead 1cp

Mug of Schipcask 2cp

Draycott Plonk 2cp

Mug of Cider 2cp

Seasonal Vegetable Stew 3cp

Wheat Bread 1cp

Blue Cheese 2cp

Pork Stew (offal) 5cp


Eston Male Human(elf) fighter, good, long face with brown hair and eyes, wears splint mail and wields a shortsword.


  1. Ture hasn't been seen outside his house for a month.
  2. Rumour Sir Bollon wants to levy a graveyard tax.
  3. Goblins left a tribute and must be leaving.
  4. Goblins in the Theirwood east of Emall.
  5. Weapons and armour are needed in Emall.
  6. More refugees from Suter were found dead two days ago.