Sir Godfrey Bollen. Wife Hannah Bollen (Cidring)


Father Sir Galen Bollen (deceased), Mother Lady Yana Letling (deceased)



Heredetary seat. Loyal to Lord Mutner. Feels inferior to other lords.


Sir Bollen is broke.

Has been recieveing calls to join the East Ceat rebellion. Aparently Lord Oakmore is holding Lord Adlings brother hostage(he is a ward, as established by Lord Adlings late father) for his submission and has other points of leverage against other lords. (Lord Adling is being sweet talked by someone).

Sir Bollens wifes family have been ousted by newly apointed low-born nobles in East Ceat and are on the run. Sir Bollen is pulling all the favors he can and all the cash he can on securing their return.

  • They are still in power and are attempting to get their son in law to join the rebellion.

Sir Bollen has written to Lord Adling about Lady Cidrings family, and has been promised their safe return if he join the rebellion.