Eridge is the largest region of the Unknown Kindgom. Bordering Alfax to the north east, Furbach in the east Orwalborough to the south,Taskal in the east and Loughborough to the south east.

Eridge has always been a frontier with the native Assam peoples. Confrontation between the two peoples has always been bloody leading to a rougher, defensive and practical demeanor to the population and architecture.

There are numerous forts or walled holdings some surpassed by conquest and retrofitted for domestic or commercial use.

The regional capital is the renowned castle city of Highstone and is ruled by High Lord Halvard Oakmoor.

[EVENTS] The new country of Outreach is fragile, freemen want not to make it a home. Constant raids on travelers, homesteads. Sabotage of crops, bridges. Mutilated animals and people hung throughout the wood. There is reason to believe there are Assam in the wood.

General need of supplies, investment, migration.