Blue dragon man is our main protagonist. Who oblivious of his own history was dropped naked and unequipped into a small alley of the market centre of the small village of Swinden in the county of Loughborough, Jonland of the Kingdom of Alormund.

Without a moment to calculate or speculate on his surroundings cries of battle took the air and with no thought of his own safety the Blue Dragonman of Swindon ran towards the battle. It's said the the clear sky grew dark, thick rolly thunderclouds descended from the heavens; the hateful felt fear and the weak felt strength.

Battle raged and goblin after goblin fell to the emboldened militia until the blood of an innocent touched the earth. The sky rumbled and the Blue Dragonman gave judgement. The heavens opened and thunder fell as rain. Orc, golbinoid and troll burnt as dry grass.